Going To Https – Why

What is most important for any online store or service? Correctly, the receipt of profits, and profit is provided in one way or another by the traffic of visitors. But now it’s not about that.

Since January 1, the search giant google has started to fight against http-pages, where users can make any significant information – not only credit card data, but also passwords, names, nicknames, etc. Now, such pages that do not pass to the secure encryption protocol https are labeled as unsafe. One of the most popular browsers – Google Chrome already in all marks commercial sites that have not switched to the HTTPS page encryption protocol, as unsafe, which frightens off unprepared users to commercially meaningful actions on the site. In addition to warning users about the insecurity of the site, Google also now began to lower the positions of such sites in the SERP. It turns out that he dealt a double blow to the owners of the sites. It should be noted that-in order to quickly and painlessly transfer your project to the most secure encryption protocol and not to lose the traffic that the project already has, WebLogicks uses its competent experts.

In theory, it seems that this work is simple: you need to buy a security certificate and make the necessary settings for the server part of your project. However, in fact, you need to analyze the current state of the pages, the availability of various scripts responsible for the actions of users on the site, as well as take into account the existing indexing of the pages – they should not sink in the search result. You need competent configuration of redirects. Also, it should be noted that certificates have different classes of security, which are very different among themselves. Therefore, when choosing a suitable certificate, one should consult with specialists.ssl.png

So, first of all, you need to urgently switch to HTTPS for the owners of online stores, sites with catalogs that are integrated with Google. Market, all sites where users enter any information about themselves, as well as sites where you can select and order which ones Either online services, such as food delivery or a plumbing call.

Translate a site to HTTPS is not so difficult, but it is necessary to have important knowledge and experience in this area. Only in this case, the site will not lose its search traffic and will comply with the rules of Google.

In connection with these circumstances, of course, any Internet project must be translated into a secure protocol for encrypting pages. In order to understand how urgently you need to configure HTTPS and what is the amount of work, write to us on the mail and we will help you!

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