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How to lay out long tail keywords

One of the essential things in expanding the website keywords is to expand the long tail keywords. What is a long tail keyword? Popular speaking refers to the combination of keywords and non-target keywords. It is characterized by a long period of time, and some can even reach 3 or 4 words. For example, the target keyword of the website is the host, and the key to the expansion. The words are virtual host , cloud host, long tail keywords can be extended to virtual host advantages, how to choose virtual host and so on.

How to lay out long tail keywords

The role of the long tail keyword is very obvious. It can expand the number of long tail keywords according to the needs of the target SEO keywords of the website. It can introduce traffic from a single page or a single article as the main carrier, and the competition is small and easy to rank. Professionalism is relatively strong. Forms a good complement to the target keywords.

How to lay out the long tail keywords with obvious advantages is very particular

First of all, you need to select the long tail keywords related to the website. For example, as a host website, in the selection process, you need to distinguish between the computer host and the virtual host. Many web hosting companies do not involve the computer host, so choose a site that is similar to the content of the website. Tail keywords.

Secondly, the long tail keywords of the screening extension are placed on the content page. Usually the core keywords are mainly displayed on the home page, the general keywords will be on each navigation page, and the long tail keywords will be on the content page. Example: How to choose virtual host , what are the advantages of virtual host , etc., the article with this long tail keyword as the main body, published in the content page, with SEO station optimization, will have a good ranking effect.

It is worth noting that in general, very large websites will expand a lot of long tail keywords, and long tail keywords will become one of the main traffic channels of very large websites, with rich content and numerous pages, becoming long tail keywords. The more carriers there are, the more important the use of long tail keywords is when laying out the entire site.

In addition, the long-end keywords are often used in the thematic page of the website. The optimized content of such pages is more accurate, and the overall layout of the long-tail keywords is more (related to how to optimize the landing page ). If you choose the long tail keyword is more popular, you can set it as the Title and Keywords of this topic page. This setting can get more in-site links and external links, which can attract the attention of search engines.

On the whole, the long tail keyword is in the layout, usually the carrier is single, but the effect will be outstanding. The conversion rate for target user visits can also be very high.

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