How To Make A Picture That Is Quickly Included In Search Engines

In the same paragraph, the picture description is more intuitive than the text description. In recent years, the use of pictures has become more and more extensive, and the gameplay of pictures has also been stacked. Therefore, many webmasters have gradually shifted their text optimization goals to image optimization, and they hope to obtain certain traffic sources through Baidu image optimization. So how do you make a picture that is quickly included in the search engine? The following VPS hosting company WebLogicks introduces you one by one!

First, the page dimension of the image

1. The content of the image is consistent with the theme of the webpage, which can increase the credibility of the image.

2. There is an Alt attribute on the picture, which can be used to describe the picture.

3. do not use the JS code to call the image path, and do not use asynchronous loading to display the image.

Second, the picture itself

1, the picture itself should be as high-definition as possible, in the Baidu image search sorting, the high-definition picture display rate is higher than the low-resolution picture. Just like watching a video, HD video looks more comfortable.

2, corresponding to the picture clarity is the size of the picture, the picture is not the bigger the better, but the right match with the content, the general blog site picture suggests a pixel around 600 * 600, the picture too large will affect the opening speed of the site, Not conducive to the user experience. If the picture is too small, it will affect the visual effect.

3, the picture design should not be too fancy, if you put a watermark or corporate LOGO on the picture, it should also be placed in the four corners of the picture, will not cover the center of the picture.

4. Scarce pictures are also favored by Baidu as much as scarce content. Therefore, try to make your own creativity and design high-quality original pictures.

Third, the picture of SEO optimization points

1. The naming of the image should also be related to the content of the article. It is recommended to use pinyin or English words as the file name.

2. The location of the image and the content of the website are placed on the same server as much as possible, which is more conducive to the access speed and stability of the website.

3. Baidu prefers rectangular pictures, you can check whether it is included by adding the picture alt tag search. (Recommendation: Website SEO optimization image optimization method )

4. the picture plus the Alt attribute, because Baidu spider temporarily can not identify the picture, can only rely on the Alt attribute on the picture to identify the content of the picture.

5. the picture can be hyperlinked, when the user clicks on the picture, you can jump to the specified page.

6. the picture plus the company’s brand LOGO.

Fourth, Baidu photo inclusion rules

1. Compared to polygon images such as squares and circles, Baidu prefers rectangular images, such as desktop wallpapers.

2. Baidu image search will give priority to the format picture containing .jpg and .jpeg in the forefront.

3. Baidu is very popular with high-weight photo sites, or high-weight forum portal sites.

4. If there are more pictures appearing in the search engine by entering the same search term, Baidu will change the picture from time to time.

Finally, the color matching of the picture is as bright and bright as possible, which can better mobilize the user’s visual beauty and improve the click rate and forwarding rate of the article.

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