How To Make Friends With The Google Panda Algorithm

It is known that the Google Panda Algorithm is a set of updates to search engines aimed at increasing the relevance of pages in the issuance. For this, about hundred different factors are taken into account. As a result of the analysis, sites with low content quality and pronounced re-optimization decrease in delivery.

The Panda Algorithm pays special attention to internal factors, primarily text content. We consider its volume, uniqueness, degree of spamming with keys and so on. Thus, Panda complements another Google algorithm – Penguin, which is responsible for external factors of the site ranking.

Also take into account the percentage of failures, the logical structure of the site and the correctness of the re-linking

Close acquaintance with “Panda”, of course, is better to avoid. But if the site is still under the filter, it is important to know about it in a timely manner. This fact cannot be reliably determined, since there is no information on the date of the release of Google Panda updates. But indirect evidence of falling under the filter will be the decrease in the number of visitors from the Google. It is worth noting that the filter is superimposed on the entire site, therefore, when performing work on the output, it is necessary to pay attention to the resource as a whole.

How can I tell if my site is under the Google Panda filter?

Use the service for checking the uniqueness of texts – for example, Website Auditor, or whatever else you can access, but it is correct. It is necessary to determine the uniqueness of all documents on the site. If most of the content (from 20% or more) is copied from other sources, we recommend taking measures to uniquely identify problem areas.

We look at the content –¬†Users should find on the page the necessary answer to their question. The check for the Google filter on this parameter should also go through all the pages.

It is necessary to fill the pages of the site with the most informative and detailed content: text, graphic, media. “Panda” not only evaluates the relevance of text, but also the overall content of the page.

You should remove duplicate content that does not tolerate the Google Panda Algorithm.

It is necessary to check the texts for an overabundance of keywords. “Panda” is imposed for oversampling.

When preparing new high-¬†Quality content for the site, take into account how much users are involved, based on the statistics of Google’s analytics systems.

It is necessary to stand the correct structure of the site with a logical linking of internal pages. How to stop being interesting algorithm Google Panda?

First of all, you need to do a complete site audit and determine what could have caused the filter to overlap. Then you can begin to eliminate the shortcomings.

Pay special attention to the content. The text should be longer than 400 characters. To avoid getting hit by the Google Panda filter, it’s equally important to edit the text: it must be meaningful, readable and unique. Duplicate pages must be deleted. You should also clean up the text itself from unnecessary keys, as well as headers and metatags. It is important that the site is properly filled with information useful to visitors (for example, news, articles, “Question-Answer” sections and others).

Build the correct site structure. This is a key requirement for proper page linking. It is also important to fix all technical errors of the site.

Get rid of irrelevant advertising. If there are aggressive pop-ups on the page, pop and clickers, even on the topic, do not doubt that the interest of Google “Panda” is only a matter of time. Decide for yourself whether the potential benefit from such advertising is the risk it generates.

Determine the working capacity of links (both external and internal). For this, the Broken Link Checker plugin or the WebLogicks service is perfect. It does not hurt to add additional navigation.

The main thing is to remember that the purpose of the Panda algorithm is to block bad content. Google Panda likes a lot of unique content. The larger it is, the higher the probability that the filter will be removed. You only need to periodically index pages.

These are the main recommendations that will avoid sanctions from Google. They can be used as the base even at the stage of creating a site, filling it and promoting it. The more informative the web resource is, the less it is threatened by this algorithm. Accordingly, the positions in the issuance will be extremely stable.

If the site has been filtered, then until the next update, it will not be able to free itself from the influence of Google Panda. That’s why it’s better to prevent problems than to solve them later.

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