How to optimize the website keyword of the whole station

The webmasters who do SEO optimization know that the keyword-oriented website is very important. If a website is optimized, then there must be a lot of keywords, and the rankings will be high. Corporate websites rely on these keywords to bring in a lot of traffic, which translates into profitability. How to optimize the SEO of the entire site is also a problem that the webmaster has been trying to solve. This article mainly introduces the optimization of website keywords from the following aspects.

First, optimize brand keywords.

The brand keyword of a website represents its authority. The first thing to do SEO optimization is to optimize these brand words. If the user can’t reach your website by searching for your corporate brand keywords, then the authority of this website is greatly discounted, and users can’t afford it even if they consume it. In addition, if some malicious counterfeiting has an impact on corporate brand choices, serious problems will directly lead to a sharp decline in corporate word of mouth.

Second, sales search keywords.

This is a good understanding, a popular keyword searched by users on demand, if the website can be displayed in front, it will greatly increase the transaction rate of the website. If the after-sales keywords can also search the website, the brand is trustworthy for the user.

Third, the combined product keywords

For example, if the user has a geographical demand for the product, he will add regional words when searching. If these keywords can achieve the position of the search engine, they can directly explore those potential intent users. These more precise keywords have great benefits for the company’s product sales.

Fourth, product technology keywords

These keywords are mainly professional, users may not understand this product, if your product is from authoritative introduction, or to the details of the product, can solve the user’s doubts, then the user will build trust in this brand product. Later sales will be easier.

Fifth, the expansion of keywords.

For the website products, we can carry out various expansions of these products, and introduce some upstream and downstream enterprise products of these products, so that we can mine many intent customers from different industries.

The above is the idea of ​​a keyword optimization keyword selection for the whole station. For enterprises, the key word is the first step and the most important step.

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