How To Quickly Increase The Number Of Websites

Generally, website optimization is subject to statistical monitoring of some basic parameters of the website, and website inclusion is one of the more important indicators. For a website, if it is ranked high, it may be high, and there will be more keywords in the ranking. However, if the website contains less, then its ranking will definitely not be much or high. So for the website, how to quickly increase the number of websites ?

The number of website collections is related to the ranking of the entire site keywords. To quickly improve the website collection, you need to optimize and improve from the following aspects.

1. Reasonable Layout Keywords

For the navigation bar design of the website, it must be reasonable and relevant. Otherwise, when the spider crawls the navigation bar, the following content does not match the navigation bar, so the search engine will definitely discount the page under this navigation. (Reference reading: How to optimize the website keyword for the whole station )

2. Optimize The Site Structure Directory

An optimized webmaster will not only make the page rank, but more importantly, it will maximize the use of the entire station page to attract more traffic. Therefore, a reasonable and complete website structure directory is very important. In general, search engines are more advantageous for flattening the structure of the site, and try to set the hierarchy of the site to a lesser extent. Moreover, the weight of the first level is generally higher than other levels, so setting the keywords at the first level can highlight the keywords that need to be done. In addition, you can also use breadcrumb navigation, one can better layout keywords, and the other is to allow spiders to grab in an orderly manner.

In addition, the website structure can also be optimized from the code. Now there are many construction programs, such as Dede, Ecshop, etc. The different levels of code are also different, and the redundant code needs to be deleted in time.

3. Overall Link Optimization

Website site optimization, regularly updated website content, will allow search engines to crawl, reuse the internal chain structure, increase the site’s stickiness, will allow spiders to crawl different pages, and will be brought to other pages. One more, you can use the friendship link to introduce traffic and bring spiders from other sites to crawl. (Reference reading: Internal chain optimization, which aspects should be started )

4. Submit Relevant Information

Every day, the site has an update, and all the links can be submitted to the search engine in the first time. This allows the spider to crawl for the first time and effectively allows the web page to be included.

5. Analyze The Overall Data

Through data analysis, you can know which pages have been accessed more frequently, so that you can use the guidance of these pages to allow more website pages to be included.

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