How To Set The Theme In The Background Of WordPress Website

Many webmasters have just been in contact with optimization. The most likely ones to hear are WordPress, find favorite templates, beautiful themes, and do their own websites. Due to the extensive nature of WordPress, there are more webmasters to use, but for many novice webmasters, how to set up a replacement theme is still difficult, especially to upload your favorite theme templates.

Log in to the website WordPress background, select “Appearance” in the main menu, click to enter

After entering the look and feel interface, WordPress will usually recommend some common themes, such as “Twenty Fifteen”, “Twenty Seventeen” and so on. However, the theme of these websites is relatively simple, and the experience of setting up columns is not very good. For example, to do a Hong Kong host website, these two templates are basically classified on the right side, even if the settings such as “host evaluation”, “Hong Kong host coupon code”, “host information”, etc., will not be obvious. Compared with the horizontal navigation column, it is not eye-catching enough, and the theme is not very attractive. Therefore, choosing an atmosphere and an illustrated theme as a whole can retain users in the visual experience, thus reducing the bounce rate. There are usually two common ways to choose a more beautiful theme.

1. In the appearance interface, click on the “Add” theme. Here, you will recommend the template of featured, popular, latest, and favorite four options. You can choose the color tone and appearance layout that suits your needs according to the actual needs of the website. You can preview the effect first. And click on Install.

This method can upload topics other than the one that comes with the WordPress system. The webmaster can download more complex and beautifully-looking themes on other sites. In the process of uploading the theme, you need to pay attention to the format of the compressed package .zip format. Similar to uploading a friendship link plugin in the article ” How to add a friendly link in the background of WordPress website”.

For the novice webmaster, how to replace the website template, basically use the above two methods to meet the normal needs.

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