How to upload files on a virtual host

Many web masters build websites to know about virtual hosting space, domain names and other related information. However, after buying related products, there are some problems when uploading files. I don’t know which file to upload the website program to, and I don’t know each file. The meaning of the folder. This article mainly introduces how to upload a website to a virtual host and related matters.

How to upload files on a virtual host

In the virtual host product purchased by the domestic host company, taking the Windows operating system as an example, after getting the relevant login password from the host, logging in to the virtual host or accessing through FTP, three folders will appear, respectively Htdocs; WebLog; database.

These three folders are all the contents of the new host. The htdocs directory is where all the data of the website is stored. That is, after the webmaster has done the website, the content will be uploaded to this directory; the Weblog folder is When storing the website log, the virtual host will generate a file every day to record all relevant data of the virtual host, including the IP, time, search engine information, etc. The SEO optimized webmaster will often download this log for analysis, and each search engine will catch Which pages are taken to optimize the page based on this information, so that the website has a better inclusion; another database folder, which is a read-only directory, is the file database of the website.

After the webmaster buys the product from the web hosting company, it compresses the website program, uploads it to the htdocs folder, and then uploads the database to the database directory. If it is an access database, it is placed in which folder. Of course, for better management, it is recommended to place it in a prominent position. If it is a Mysql database, it can only be in the database directory, can not create new files, or the website can not be accessed normally. These three folders cannot be deleted, otherwise they will need to be re-opened before they can be used normally.

On a Unix system, if you open a virtual host and log in via FTP, there is only one htdocs folder. As with htdocs under Windows, it stores all the information on the website. However, in the Unix system, the database is also stored in the htdocs folder, and the content is automatically compiled into the relevant subfolders. This is not accessible through the WEB.

The above is how the virtual host uploads files and related folders. After the webmaster understands the information, it is easy to set up a website.

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