Issues That Must Be Considered When Creating A Mobile APP

If you are planning to make a mobile app that you think is revolutionary or that can drive your business, then please calm down and think about the following five questions to make sure you are not a fan of the moment.

Now, more than 50% of consumer activities are done online using mobile phones, and you may be surprised. But 62% of the total time spent using technology products is given to mobile phones. Do you think this is incredible? There is no doubt that mobile phones have become an important way for people to shop, so if you can grasp this well, small companies can also be surprisingly successful in the fierce market competition.

A survey of the EIG’s use of mobile apps in the United States in 2015 showed that in the past two years, the use of electronic products has increased by 49%, and the use of mobile APP has increased by 90%. But more than 78% of small companies in the US still do not have online apps.

Even Google’s ranking algorithm has begun to focus on “mobile-friendly” websites. Adobe’s market research team found that companies with “mobile-friendly” sites are more likely to get more from Google’s search engines than companies without “mobile-friendly” sites. 12% of the page views. This proves the importance of mobile websites and apps. If a small company can have its own “mobile-friendly” official website, it can get a higher ranking and get more visitors for its search engine.

All of the above is enough to prove that it is now an era dominated by mobile phones. So is your company ready? Have you found the most cost-effective way to promote? Creating an app for your company is a really good way, but everything needs to be considered. Many people haven’t even figured out what the APP is. What kind of APP should be done by itself should already be done. This approach can only play a negative role. The correct approach is to measure your budget well and then think carefully about how the APP should better promote its business development before proceeding. If you still feel that there are many questions, I hope the following information can help you:

1. What is the purpose of developing an app?

This is a basic question. What special features do you want the app to support? Or is it just to expand the influence of the brand? If you are not quite sure, please consider the following two questions: What effect do you want the APP to bring to your customers? How does your app require customers to use it? For example, the restaurant’s mobile APP, its effect is to facilitate customers, the customer’s use is to use the app to order, pay, and so on.

2. Who are you looking for to develop?

Is the professional team sure to be foolproof? Is a part-time developer really useless? of course not! Free developers, professional development teams, or self-sufficient food, can do it. All you have to do is balance the time and money, and choose the one that suits you best.

3. Is funding support enough?

At the current market price, if you want to create a proprietary APP for your company, the price is between 2,000 and 5,000 US dollars. If you want to make a high-quality APP, you need to prepare at least 10,000 US dollars. And this is just the cost of development. After the APP goes online, every update or bug fix (the price of a professional bug fix can sometimes reach 150 dollars per hour) and even rent an online APP promotion platform. Need financial support. Are you ready?

4. Do I have time to maintain management?

If you create an online sales app for your business, then you need to face it: update the content regularly, update the app regularly, and update the app regularly to ensure it works. Can you accept these? Then go ahead and do it!

5. Can APP be combined with my business?

The last question that should be considered is the problem of integration. It is not difficult to make an APP, but how to combine APP with your own business? If it can’t be combined, is there any meaning to the existence of this app? So for example, if your business is related to e-commerce, and you want to create this app to help you complete the booking, then you must ensure that the e-commerce platform and the app can live in harmony.

Perhaps you will say, “I don’t need any mobile app to do this business, and there is no problem.” But don’t you think that mobile APP is actually an important part of brand promotion? Or maybe you will feel that your official website can be compatible with mobile phones. Anyway, its function is the same as that of mobile APP, but what about your “all for the convenience of customers” service? There are many options for creating a mobile app and creating an app. Maybe you will be overwhelmed before, but after reading this article, I believe you must have your own idea! In short, it can be said that now is the era of a smart phone, so if you want to succeed, you must firmly grasp the opportunity on the phone!

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