SEO 2020 – How to get a website in top positions on Google?

If you want to bring new content quickly to Google’s top positions, you have to consider SEO Services from certified and experienced SEO expert as well as content-related factors and differentiate yourself from the competition. With the following 5 tips, you can bring content to the top positions as quickly as possible. SEO TIPS for the TOP 5 search engine optimization for Google

It is difficult enough to achieve an SEO ranking in the top 10 of Google search. An even bigger challenge is to get a top position in a short time. With the following 5 search engine optimization tips this can be done faster.

SEO – Search engine optimization like Google takes time

You cannot expect a new page that goes online today and is well optimized for search engines to be indexed by Google tomorrow. This applies in particular to new domains. Existing websites have it a little easier here: Depending on the popularity of the website and SEO optimization, Google can index new content within a few minutes.

There are several ways to speed up indexing by Google. This includes both technical and content-related SEO measures, which are presented below.

Bring SEO content into the Google index quickly

In order for content to appear in the search results, it must first be crawled by Google and then indexed. Various options are available to shorten the waiting time, namely offering a current XML sitemap and submitting URLs using Google Search Console.

  1. Accelerate indexing using Google Search Console

Current SEO XML sitemap

An SEO XML sitemap should contain all the important URLs of a website. If you register an XML sitemap in the Google Search Console, Google can retrieve and crawl the URLs contained in the document. An XML sitemap is not a prerequisite for Google to crawl all URLs of a website, but you can achieve that more URLs are processed in a shorter time. You can also show Google which URLs should be used if identical content is available under several different URLs.

Submit URLs using Google Search Console

The Google Search Console also offers the option of submitting individual URLs for indexing. To do this, you use the URL Inspection Tool, which you can use to examine URLs. After retrieving and checking a URL by Google, you can then register it for indexing with a click. For large websites with many thousands of URLs, however, this process can be very complex.

  1. Prominent SEO backlinks

Backlinks – SEO link building create more attention for a website with the search engines. Because prominent websites are crawled by Google more often, the likelihood of visiting Googlebot via a link from such a website is particularly high. In addition, the backlinks themselves ensure a better placement of the linked page – provided the links are relevant to the topic and have come about in a natural way. Buying backlinks or other practices that violate Google guidelines should be avoided.

  1. Write topics that do not yet exist and that optimize well for search engines

In order to set yourself apart from the competition and to have a distinguishing feature, especially in highly competitive markets, it makes sense to write about topics that are not yet dealt with by the competition. Matching topics can be found quite easily using keyword research. To do this, it is often sufficient to issue relevant search queries and to check whether there are already suitable results.

Another advantage is that the likelihood of being quickly included in the Google index for new topics is higher because Google tries to map the current state of the web. New topics have an easier time here than topics on which there are already a lot of and similar contributions.

  1. SEO – Set internal links so that the most important pages are linked prominently

Internal links are often an underestimated means of quickly moving the rankings of certain pages forward. Internal links also transmit PageRank and show Google which pages are considered particularly important.

Linking a certain page prominently from all other pages of a website can lead to the target page quickly increasing in the rankings. To do this, you can, for example, integrate the page into the main menu or link it from other articles using text links.

The internal PageRank of the individual subpages of a website can be easily calculated using suitable tools.

  1. Describe content deeper than the competition

Another way to set yourself apart from the competition and quickly achieve good rankings is content that goes deeper than that of the competition. For example, if you only find very superficial information on a topic on the competition pages, a little research and answering relevant questions from the users can quickly create a contribution that offers significant added value. Google will reward this in many cases in the form of better rankings.


There is no guarantee of good rankings on Google’s search results pages. Nor can one predict with certainty when Google will index new content. However, there are ways to speed up crawling and indexing. You can use the Google Search Console for this: Both the URL inspection tool and the option to register XML sitemaps can shorten the indexing process.

The content is also of great importance: Those who manage to set themselves apart from the competition, whether through new or particularly extensively dealt with topics, have a good chance of achieving good rankings in the short term.

Not to be forgotten are backlinks: they can not only improve search rankings, but they can also accelerate crawling and indexing.

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