Should I Build A WordPress Site

Today, almost everyone has their own website. Going up to the street shop, down to the neighbors who are obsessed with blogs, the website is no longer exclusive to those who are proficient in coding or rich.

Given the growing popularity of the top-of-the-line platform, WordPress and self-service site-building tools, we can’t help but ask: How do we build our own website?

Should I build a WordPress Site?

Because WordPress sites and self-help site tools have different orientations, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, we obviously support you in building and publishing your own website using WordPress. Let’s take a look at it in detail below.

Self-help Website Building Tool

In view of the sharp increase in demand for website construction, self-service website tools have become a popular method of building websites. Currently, the most popular website building tools are Squarespace, Weebly, Wix and, which are designed to meet the needs of users to quickly build websites.

Undoubtedly, the selling point of this self-service website building tool lies in its convenience, which ensures that users can easily build their own websites without coding, design or development experience. In addition, these site-building tools also provide multi-level website building services, from online e-commerce stores to basic websites.

However, although self-help site building tools are really convenient, they are not cheap. In general, self-paced tools require a monthly fee in addition to the domain name or certain features. In addition, the website building tools usually also bring their own hosting services, and the corresponding fees are also included in the monthly fee. (Related reading: What tools need to be installed for self-help station building )

WordPress Website

As a content management system, WordPress can be used to build various types of websites. According to WPBeginner, content management systems are software designed to create, edit, organize, and publish content. Whether you want to build a small-scale website or create a fully interactive game website, I believe WordPress is your best choice. However, although WordPress is currently free, it requires users to learn for a certain period of time, and the platform has not yet provided the corresponding host or domain name service.

The massive functionality of WordPress attracts a large number of users who want to own and manage their own websites. In fact, many well-known companies such as TechCrunch, Variety and the Walt Disney Company are also using the WordPress platform.

Which Solution Is Right For Your Website

To decide if a self-help site builder or a WordPress site is right for your site, remember to consider the following points.


For those who don’t know how the site works, self-help site building tools are definitely their ideal choice. These tools typically allow users to design the look and functionality of a website using drag and drop tools.

The WordPress platform requires users to have the appropriate technology and knowledge to build their own websites. Fortunately, some video tutorials and support forums are available online for you to use. In addition, many WordPress sites like to hire network developers for their sites to maintain.


Many times, people feel that the appearance is not important, but this sentence does not apply online. Adobe reports that 38% of users will choose to close the page once the site looks unattractive. Because you need to give your users a good first impression in just a few seconds, the design and appearance of the site needs to reach the target audience as much as possible.

When using the Self-Service Site Tool, you can choose to pre-set the template and replace the different images, fonts, typography and copy to customize the look. While some self-service site builder tools allow users to add custom templates, this requires extensive programming experience.

Unfortunately, the biggest shortcoming of self-paced tools is the lack of the latest popular templates available. While major companies are struggling to update the built-in templates in the tool to accommodate the current trends and popularity of web design, they are still stretched. Because of the lack of these fresh templates, your site often looks a lot like other sites, except for images and text.

However, once WordPress is used, you can choose from thousands of available themes to customize or build your own website. In short, WordPress will provide you with a huge selection of options to make your website look good.


Secondly, you should also consider your own website purpose. After all, each website has its own specific needs. For example, local companies may need their own websites to attract potential customers, and celebrities may prefer to build exclusive forums for their fans.

As you can imagine, the self-help site building tool is very limited in this regard. Although it can also provide basic functions such as email registration and adding media, these are not enough. Instead, these tools typically only offer similar functionality in their advanced version, and of course, these premium versions are subject to a monthly fee.

However, once you purchase WordPress, you can not only program these features into your own website, but you can also search through thousands of available plug-ins to help you do the right thing. In general, the WordPress plugin not only implements its own SEO strategy, but also supports two-factor authentication login. In short, with the knowledge of WordPress development and plugins, you can implement any of the features of the WordPress site.


In this era of the Internet is also evil, website security has become particularly important. When you use the self-service website tool, you will be very dependent on the security technology provided by the software. For some people, this level of protection is already sufficient. But for others, they may prefer to keep the security of the site in their hands.

Fortunately, WordPress users have always been extremely proactive in maintaining website security. Users can improve the security of their websites by installing special plug-ins or by subscribing to related services such as SiteLock.

Website Control

As a website owner, you definitely want to manage everything from structural data to structural data down to the design. But unfortunately, self-help site builders may disappoint you because you can’t access the code, structure or other important parts of the site.

For example, if you can’t access the structure data of your article through the Self-Service Site Tool, you won’t be able to control how Google indexes your site. This will greatly affect the SEO strategy, reduce website rankings, and even lose potential traffic to the site.

If your website has a clear strategic marketing goal, you need absolute control and ability to respond to these changes. In summary, WordPress is undoubtedly the best helper to build a website.

Website Host

As mentioned earlier, the self-paced tool only allows users to use the built-in hosting solution and cannot make their own choices. This means that if your website is not operating well due to hosting services, you have no choice. So, for those who want to gain full control of the site, self-help site building tools are not the best investment.

You definitely want to have a reliable and secure hosting solution for your website. To achieve this, you can choose to work with WebLogicks, a trusted hosting service provider, to build your own WordPress site. Here to add, the WebLogicks hosting solution provides the same website security features as SiteLock!


Finally, another factor that affects your choice is the price. In the beginning, self-help website tools may attract you at a relatively low monthly fee. However, the price is only the price of their basic package, and the cost of those special features is not included. So, every time you add a feature or service, your monthly fee will increase accordingly.

However, the WordPress platform is free to use, which means you only pay for the domain name, host and any features you need. However, it is clear that the cost of website development will certainly be more expensive, but it is an investment in the future of your website.

As you can see, we are undoubtedly a big fan of WordPress. When you’re ready to go online with your WordPress site, remember to choose the hosting provider you trust.

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