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The New Version Of Business Internet Commerce

The New Version Of Business Internet Commerce

It was worthwhile to wait for changes, but taking into account the specifics of doing business in India – most legal entities and entrepreneurs postpone observance of new rules in the remote box. So, gentlemen, he has come. Or now with minimal costs or even later, but with problems and more expensive. Now, online stores, in addition to the usual confirmation of payment and purchase must be sent to the user who made a purchase in the online store a copy of the check. If you fail to comply with the new rules, you will have to pay a fine of 30,000 INR (and this is only for the first mistake, if you repeatedly do not send data to the tax and the buyer, you may not only have significantly higher penalties but also disqualify your business).

In practice, this means, first, the replacement or upgrading of the cct (even for devices aimed at Internet commerce) and the connection to the operator of fiscal data, which will send and verify all your electronic checks with data from tax and data sent to the user. This, if in brief.

Despite the hype surrounding the changes, the owners of online stores should not forget about other pitfalls associated with the Business in the new edition. Your site should integrate with the new CCP – about how this information is much less than articles on changes in the law. REMEMBER! Regardless of which cms of the site you are using, you need to link it to your new digital-friend-a new sample. Let’s be frank: the first real cases and the experience of your familiar and close Internet merchants will not appear so quickly, and among the developers there will be experiments and attempts at quick setup, definitely they have already begun.

For the happiness and joy of the owners of online stores, not so long ago, the update of the PHP Site Manager 20.0 platform, which offers a solution to the pressing approach: the integration of your online store with a new sample: sites will be able to connect to the online store several parallel working cash desks for compliance with legislation. It should be understood that the load on online stores and sales in any online store is uneven and obeys other rules, in contrast to offline stores with staff at the cashier, working from 9 to 20 – respectively, it is possible that the situation can come simultaneously more than five orders and transactions that need to be processed quickly and fixed.

You also need to understand that working out of the box is usually a utopian concept. Remember when you integrated the online store with you did it work correctly and right away? 😉 However, the new update of PHP greatly accelerates the task, since the basic capabilities have already been implemented, but the most important is the core, based on which you can connect your site and transfer data to the site and back taking into account the features of your business.

In order to conduct an update or get advice on how to adapt your online store to the new legislative reality – write us your questions and contacts to the mail – we will contact you and help you. Do not delay the problems of your Internet business in the back box, make a digital transformation!


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