Website Construction How To Design A Web Page Footer To Be More Competitive

In fact, for most designers, the design of the page footer is basically ignored. Because of the habit analysis from the user’s browsing, users generally pay less attention to the information added by the footer, and the head and navigation in the upper left corner of the footer occupy most of the time. In fact, for the success of a web design, every detail has a decisive role. Even the footer, we should pay enough attention. Today we will discuss how to design a web page footer in the construction of the website to be more competitive .

How To Design A Web Page Footer To Be More Competitive

1. Add Social Media Icons In The Footer Of The Webpage

This method is mainly to add some commonly used social media patterns in the process of footer design, because now everyone’s dependence on social platforms is very high, if you can join the social platform in the design process of the website. If you have information about your account, you may attract more users.

2. Add A Picture Inside The Footer

From the perspective of the overall aesthetics of the website, when designing the footer, appropriately add some company icons or some patterns representing the company, but in fact, in the design process of the website, if the pictures added are very common, this will not be as soon as possible. Attracting users’ attention, it is best to add some more distinctive images to attract users’ attention.

3. You Can Add Some Important Products At The Footer.

Because from the user’s browsing habits, from top to bottom, from left to right browsing, when the page length of the web page is relatively long, adding a connection of important products at the footer at this time can help the user to reduce the browsing operation, thereby Improve the user experience, but also conducive to the construction of the internal chain of the website.

The design of the page footer can be a icing on the cake. For web design, different designs will bring a different experience to our website, both in the big direction and in small details. If the design of the website is very characteristic from the whole to the details, then your website will be very competitive in the same industry.

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