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What Are The CMS Website Programs For PHP Code

What Are The CMS Website Programs For PHP Code

In the domestic website, some commonly used programming languages ​​are asp, .net, php. These CMS website programs can meet the needs of all domestic enterprises. The highest penetration rate is the CMS of the PHP program, which includes DedeCMS (Eagle Content Management System), ECMS (Emperor Content Management System), PHPCMS, and the user’s most extensive WordPress blog site building program.


An open source system with powerful system functions, simple operation, less redundant code, and more modular content, which can satisfy almost all SEO station optimization operations, including URL pseudo-static processing , website map, label application, Streamlined code reduces JS/CSS requests, etc., while the background management is convenient, and you can flexibly customize the specific pages you need. However, when dealing with big data, it needs to be solved in the latest version. General corporate websites use DedeCMS to meet demand.


The Empire CMS is known as the Universal Station Tool. It has a template separation function, which can completely separate the content from the interface. The operation management and permission setting functions are very powerful. Flexible labels such as universal labels, smart labels, and custom labels can realize different types of pages and styles. The column will be expanded indefinitely, so some large portals, the group website can be used; at the same time, its front desk is all static and can accept huge traffic. There are also some advantages such as super-advertising management (customized page), information collection function, uploading and downloading remote publishing, omnipotent interface forum, etc., which are the features that the website builder likes. The website built by ECMS is perfect for super-large websites.


PHPCMS adopts modular development, can support many functional modules, freely install and manage, and can develop functional modules by itself to meet individual needs.


WordPress is generally also PHP program code, the advantages are more prominent, the user group is more extensive, the theme is more, the function plug-in is rich, the security is also higher, which is good for website optimization (related reading ” What kind of host is applicable to WordPress website building program “).

Because the PHP program is relatively simple, in addition to the above common, there are forum community Discuz, PHPWind, ThinkSAAS, online store ShopEx (non-open source), Magento , KingCMS, PHP168 (national micro CMS) and so on. But no matter which kind of website CMS is built, its purpose is to build a good website to facilitate the optimization and promotion of the website in the later stage.


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