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What are the common website optimization query commands

What are the common website optimization query commands

There are some common SEO tools introduced before , and with the use of these tools, there are many commands that are very convenient and quick in the website optimization process. As with the Windows operating system, you can use the ping command in the Dos window to view the access speed of the website virtual host, without using the query tool to operate. Of course, it is cumbersome to query multiple commands in the Dos window. The difference is the website optimization command, which works like some common tools.

common website optimization query commands are:

Site Command

This command should be the most frequently accessed command during the website optimization process. Use the site:+ domain name to query the website’s inclusion in the search engine. In addition, if the homepage of the query result website is not on the first page, it is very likely that the website is downgraded, and the site command is an important query command promoted by the webmaster.

Domain Command

For domestic search engines, this command can query the external links of the website, but it is not suitable for Google search engines. Usage: domain+ domain name. Google search engines generally apply to link:+ domain names.

Inurl / Allinurl

This command means to find a specific keyword in a specific webpage URL, such as querying the relevant search of the WebLogicks website US host, the usage is inrul: US host. In addition, this command can also be used separately, such as inrul: virtual host, allinrul: virtual host .

Intitle / Allintitle

Similar to the inrul command, this command indicates the relevant keyword information included in the title of a specific web page. Usage: intitle: “keyword”, or direct allintitle/intitle: “keyword”.

File Type Command

Filetype is a search file format command, which can be used to query related document formats. For example, querying a virtual host-related doc document can be expressed as a fyletype:doc virtual host. This command can quickly retrieve the required documents, which is very convenient and practical.

In addition to the above common commands, there are generally small commands, such as double quotes, search keywords in search engines, plus double quotes, the result is the result of all words in the middle of the double quotes.

When using the optimization command, it is mainly convenient to query the relevant information of the website in the first time. Through these commands, we can understand the optimization of the website. Of course, more detailed data is needed, and SEO tools and long-term data are needed. Statistical Analysis.


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