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What Are The Reasons For The Failure Of The FTP Connection Server

What Are The Reasons For The Failure Of The FTP Connection Server

In order to enable the website to have a good ranking in the search results, the webmaster needs to update the website daily, and the website content is updated, you need to use the upload and download of the website data file, FTP is the most commonly used software. Some webmasters failed to connect when using FTP to connect to the server, resulting in no way to properly update the website. So, what are the reasons for the failure of the FTP connection server ?

FTP Connection Server Failures Generally Have The Following Reasons:

1. The Network Fails To Cause The Ftp Connection Server To Fail

Sometimes there may be a problem with the server or the computer’s local network, causing the FTP connection server to fail. You can check if the webpage test is a network problem through a browser.

2. The Server Has Crashed, Restarted, Etc

When we rent a server, we will examine the access speed and stability of the server. Server downtime, crashes, reboots, etc. will not only cause the FTP connection server to fail, but also directly cause the website to fail to operate normally, thus affecting the website optimization ranking and user experience. If this happens, contact your server provider as soon as possible to resolve it.

3. The Firewall Settings Have Problems Causing The Server Connection To Fail

Check if our firewall settings check “PASV mode”. If checked, it will be canceled and then try to reconnect.

4. FTP Server Software Problems Caused Connection Failure

Sometimes we forget to keep the software up to date, so the version of the FTP software used is too low or disabled, or there is a problem with the software. At this point we can delete the existing software and then reinstall it.

5. Too Many Connections To The Server In A Short Time

It may be that the speed of the FTP connection server is slightly slower. We are waiting for the more anxious, and we keep clicking the connection button, resulting in too frequent content connections and connection failures.

6. The Isp Server Shielded FTP Connection Server Fails

To determine if the server is blocked by the ISP, you can use the proxy server for connection testing.

7. The Leased Server Background Is Closed

If all of the above cases are ruled out, it is very likely that the server backed up by us is closed. In this case, we need to connect to the server provider for verification and modification.

There are many reasons why the FTP connection server fails. The most common cases are the above. In order to ensure the normal operation of the website, when the FTP server fails, the cause should be checked and resolved in time to avoid irreparable damage to the enterprise.


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