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What Basic Knowledge Is Required To Learn SEO Optimization

What Basic Knowledge Is Required To Learn SEO Optimization

SEO is a very important technology in website promotion. It is different from SEM bidding promotion, information flow and other paid expressions. SEO continuously summarizes the ranking rules and analyzes the content on the website. Optimize for better rankings.

Prerequisites to Learning SEO

First of all, we must have a clear understanding of SEO, and we must know what benefits SEO can bring to the enterprise. SEO optimization is not very high for technology. You can master the basic Html language, and you don’t have to master the in-depth program code. Skilled in mastering some common tags, you can understand the relevant div+css, you can understand the basic information on the Html page. Then for some common website systems, such as WordPress, DedeCMS, Empire CMS, Z-blog blog program, Discuz forum system, Ecshop Mall, etc.

In addition, you need to access common tools, such as the web tool Dreamweaver, mapping software photoshop, etc. These software can easily solve some problems in the later promotion and optimization.

For the webmaster who wants to learn SEO optimization, you need to do some preparatory work after mastering the above basic knowledge. For example, take a certain amount of time each day to learn the optimization process, find a good SEO optimization teacher, and then buy the domain name and virtual host to do a website optimization.

And Xiaobian Gives The Webmaster Who Is Going To Do Seo Optimization Some Learning Methods:

1. Insist On Learning Every Day

You can find some related tutorials on the Internet, and learn a little bit of knowledge every day according to a set of tutorials.

2. Use QQ Group To Communicate With The Forum

If you encounter some unclear knowledge or doubts, you can ask some old webmasters in the relevant forums.

3. buy a domain name, website space, try to use the relevant website building program to build a simple website, operate every knowledge learned.

4. keep summing up

Summarize all the knowledge points, so that the next time you encounter the same problem, you can have a deep impression and be able to solve it in time.

For novices who want to learn SEO optimization, they need to constantly learn, think, practice and summarize. SEO is a very interesting thing. You can put a content you need to show your position in the top position of the search engine through your own efforts. The sense of accomplishment is very great.

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