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What Effect Does Virtual Host Data Transfer Have On SEO Optimization

What Effect Does Virtual Host Data Transfer Have On SEO Optimization

Because the enterprise is running the website, sometimes because some business expansion or increase, the original website space can not meet the demand, it is necessary to upgrade or transfer the website space, then, while the virtual host transfers data, the website’s SEO optimization will be Subject to certain influence. This article mainly introduces several aspects of the original SEO optimization impact of replacing virtual hosts.

In the data transfer, we can not resolve the domain name of the website to the new space IP. The advantage of this is that the search engine may not find the website changes in the first time, which can minimize the negative impact. And if the amount of data on the website is large, the time required is also very long. Therefore, when transferring data, first compress all the data, then package the data information, and upload and decompress.

After transferring the data, the details of the operation of some SEO optimizations also require the webmaster to make relevant settings.

1. Perform website program debugging. Run the website in a unified way to ensure that all the data on the website is running properly and safely transferred.

2. Make sure the path is consistent. During the debugging process, it is not necessary to change the URL path and maintain consistency with the original path, otherwise it will easily lead to a large number of dead links on the website.

3. Data retention. Don’t arbitrarily delete the original related data, maybe the deleted data has some important information.

4. The parameter settings do not change. The parameters in the background of the website are the same as before, so don’t change it easily.

5. Detect new space. Run for a few days to see the health of the new space.

6. re-parse. After everything is guaranteed to be normal, resolve the domain name to the new space.

These details should not be underestimated. After the search engine transfers the database to the website, it will compare with the previous space. If you want to ensure that the ranking of the website is not greatly affected, these steps are essential. In addition, for 1-2 weeks of observation time, if there is no significant ranking change, the ranking of the website is likely to remain stable.

After the virtual host transfers the data information, the website tries to do some backlinks as much as possible, which can lead the spider to crawl the index, which is beneficial to the website ranking.


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