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What Issues Need To Be Noted For Domain Name Registration

What Issues Need To Be Noted For Domain Name Registration

With the gradual popularization of the station, more and more webmasters set up their own websites, and the three essential elements for building a station are space, domain name and website. Many newcomers have a vague understanding of the domain name. The following host WebLogicks is Everyone will introduce in detail.

A: What Is A Domain Name?

In order to omit the trouble of remembering the IP number, the character is used to replace the number to open the website. The IP number and the character are parsed by dns to form the domain name. After the domain name is obtained, the website can be directly accessed through the domain name. The domain name has three levels, respectively. Yes:

The Top-level Domain

1. International Top-level Domain

.com .top .net .org .gov .edu .red .xin and more

If you use international top-level domain to build a website, personal recommendation is, because .com’s domain name is more common, easier to remember and search, according to the survey, the domain name ending in .com is more conducive to SEO optimization.

2. National Top-level Domain

The national top-level domain name mainly refers to the abbreviation of the country name. For example, China is .cn, the United States is .us, France is .fr, Japan is .jp, etc. If you choose the national top-level domain registration URL, personal suggestions should not be used. Cn, because the state has stricter management of .cn domain names, as long as the website is a bit sloppy, it will check your website.

Second-level Domain Name

The second-level domain name refers to the domain name under the top-level domain name, such as is a second-level domain name.

Third- And Third-level Domain Names And Multi-level Domain Names

The third-level domain name is a domain name of the type, which can be understood as a sub-domain name of the second-level domain name. Generally, the third-level domain name is free. Multi-level domain names are added at the original domain name.

Note On Domain Name Purchase:

1. Based On Streamlined And Memorable

The short domain name is easy to remember and user search.

2. Use Brand Words Or Their Abbreviations As Domain Names

Use brand words as domain names, users can access your website through your brand words, such as WebLogicks

3. Use Your Own Name Or Initials To Make A Domain Name

Registering an independent blog site with your own name is often more motivating to optimize, such as: dali

4. Do The Domain Name With Homophonic

A domain name that makes you laugh, it will let the user remember forever, for example: 51job (I want to work)

5. It Is Not Recommended To Use Chinese Domain Name

The search engine does not recognize the Chinese domain name. If a Chinese domain name is used, a long transcoding will appear, which is very high and unfavorable for the optimization of the website.

Building a good website is inseparable from a good domain name. It is recommended that the majority of webmasters choose a domain name service provider with certain strength and formality.


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