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What Should Be Done Before The Domain Name Transfer

What Should Be Done Before The Domain Name Transfer

Domain name transfer is a common phenomenon. Because users do not understand the domain name registration and management when they first set up the website, the domain name management is not professional, or the technical support is not strong. In fact, domain transfer is not as simple as moving a domain name from one place to another. Domain names need to be prepared before and after the transfer to avoid obstacles in the process of domain name transfer. So, what preparations should be made before the domain name transfer ? Let’s take a look at the introduction of the following article.

The Preparations That Need To Be Made Before The Domain Name Transfer Are:

1. Get The Domain Name Transfer Code

Different domain name management domain name transfer codes will be obtained differently. If the domain name is registered abroad, it is generally applied through the domain name control panel. And if it is registered in the country, it is generally requested from the domain name provider.

2. Unlock The Domain Name

After applying for the domain name transfer code, we need to check the status of the domain name. If it is unlocked, it can be transferred. If it is not unlocked, the domain name cannot be transferred. For domestic domain name registrars, many do not provide domain name unlocking function. If you want to unlock, you need to contact the domain name provider.

3. Check The Mailbox When The Domain Name Is Registered

When transferring a domain name, you need to confirm the ownership of the domain name and send an email to the domain name registration email. So check if it is your own mailbox before transferring, and then check if you can log in normally.

Under normal circumstances, you can transfer the domain name by doing the above 3 points. However, WebLogicks reminds everyone: Since individual domestic domain name registrars have “special” requirements, domain name owners need to obtain the domain name agreement before the domain name is transferred out, so pay attention to this when transferring users registered in India.

After the domain name is transferred, the domain name transfer is relatively simple. After submitting the application to the new domain name merchant, follow the prompts to do the relevant operations. Generally, you can prepare for the domain name transfer, and you can transfer it successfully in a week or so.


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