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Why Do Companies Need To Build Brand Websites

Why Do Companies Need To Build Brand Websites

Are you feeling confused when you visit some websites? Does the website’s copy and design not let you know its positioning, scope of business, or why you didn’t persuade you to buy from his home? Or, on the other hand, are these sites full of cluttered information, no thematic design elements, and unnecessary features? (Related reading: 7 major website design trends)

This terrible user experience is caused by a bad brand strategy, or because of the lack of brand influence.

As Entrepreneur stated, the brand is “a marketing practice that creates names, logos or designs that identify and distinguish between various types of products”. Developing a strong brand strategy will help you better position your product or your personal career plan, ensuring that you are invincible in the market or industry. Without a strong brand strategy, your company and website will soon be overwhelmed by the Internet.

Considering that the consistency of brand exposure will increase the turnover by 23% on average, it is important to have a clear brand positioning. Given that 54% of consumers visit the brand’s official website for product information, customer support and customized shopping services, the importance of branded websites is self-evident.

The Importance Of The Brand

According to Entrepreneur’s definition of brand above, it is not difficult to find out that the purpose of the brand is to distinguish your organization, products/services and image from other competitors. However, targeting the market position of the company is still your main goal, and the advantages that this can bring to you are as follows:

Brand Is An Experience

When you create an image for your business, you are actually creating a shopping experience for your customers. Up to your logo, down to the site and user interaction, these are actually part of the brand experience. The way the customer service team responds to information, the content posted in the social media presentation, the customer’s product and service shopping experience, all of which are related to your brand.

Be aware that your brand will provide consumers with a unique consumer experience, and consumers will enjoy these experiences through a variety of online channels, offline communication or other tools. Therefore, if you don’t have a brand plan, your customers will have a hard time enjoying quality service.

Brand Will Expand Your Influence

If you test consumers’ awareness of the world’s top brands, I believe most of them will pass the test. Whether it’s McDonald’s, Disney or Sony, we can almost blurt out their names. Developing a consistent and comprehensive brand strategy will increase consumer awareness of your brand. In general, products are exposed 5 to 7 times on average to give consumers an impression. Therefore, this few exposures must be impressive, otherwise everything will be in vain. (Related reading: Five ways to increase the impact of blog brands )

In addition, according to Reuters, 82% of investors believe that brand advantage and brand recognition have become more and more important, which has also changed their investment decisions to some extent.

Consumers Trust Brands

Do you know that 48% of consumers want brands to know more about them so that they can find the products and services they want in the new collection of brands? This psychology is derived from the consumer’s trust in the brand. After you start to understand and interact with your brand, users will try to find the right service for your business.

In addition, 64% of consumers believe that building trust with brands depends largely on common interests. So if your brand website looks messy, how do you effectively demonstrate the value of your company, products and services and win the trust of your target audience?

Once you’ve built your brand, you need to develop a relevant brand strategy as soon as possible. Brand strategy not only clarifies your brand goals, but also guides you through the use of different branding elements such as language, logos and trademarks to achieve these goals (brand strategy is also known as the brand standard guide). However, most of your brand strategy will still focus on how to use the brand effect reasonably in marketing and corporate practice. See Hubspot for the seven elements that must be included in all branding strategies:

1. Objective: Position the business prospects.

2. Consistency: Ensure the consistency of brand promotion across all channels.

3. Emotion: What is the tone of your brand? What kind of emotion should I pass?

4. Flexibility: Decide when and how to adjust the strategy if necessary.

5. Employee Engagement: Train employees to better demonstrate and promote their brand.

6. Loyalty: Discuss how to understand and appreciate loyal customers.

7. Competitive Awareness: Comprehensive analysis of competition to ensure that the brand stands out.

With the above elements, we believe that your brand strategy can continue to promote the development of the website, and let your company appear in front of the audience in a positive, appropriate and consistent image.

Elements That Every Brand Website Should Have

Remember, the purpose of the website is to inform customers that they can trust your brand. Over time, these target audiences will be turned into paid users. However, an unorganized, messy website is definitely not going to do this. You certainly don’t want your website to make consumers feel confused!

In fact, if a consumer can’t find a favorite product or service on your website or homepage, 79% of users will opt out of the site and search for other sites to spend. Typically, 81% of users will conduct a wide range of online searches before making a decision. Therefore, your website must have the following elements:

Clear Copy

Once you have the right brand strategy, your marketing team will know how to create a website copy. In general, the website copy should:

  • clear
  • clear
  • product information
  • humorous
  • fascinating
  • Integrate into your own brand strategy!

Remember, brand copy must show the value of the company and why consumers should trust and buy your product.

Consistent Design

In your brand strategy, website promotion and design elements must be consistent. After reading this article, you can visit the WebLogicks website. When you browse the different pages and products of the site, you will find that the site’s copy, illustrations, designs and images match the corporate brand image.

If the entire website design is very different after using the orange page, this is definitely awkward, isn’t it? Because color will increase brand awareness by 80%, our website uses a representative blue color.

Important Information About The Company

When users visit your site, they definitely want to get useful information as quickly as possible. Or they want to know where important information can be seen.

For example, if you run a restaurant, visitors to the site will definitely want to have easy access to your menu and opening hours. If you haven’t put this important information on the front page, the site navigation should clearly show the links and buttons for those pages.

The information that users usually look for is as follows:

  • product and service
  • price
  • Business hours
  • product information
  • company’s history
  • Staff profile
  • store address

Forgetting to show this important information will cause you to lose potential customers and negatively impact your brand. So make sure you put this important information in a location that visitors can find.

Publish Your Brand Website

After unremitting efforts, you can finally buy a virtual host to build a WordPress site. Remember, the website is actually a microcosm of the brand, not an extension. Therefore, please optimize according to your own brand strategy!


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