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Will Google’s Latest Updates Affect The Website And Business

Will Google’s Latest Updates Affect The Website And Business

In July of this year, Google was updating the Chrome web browser to explicitly notify visitors when visiting an insecure website. In order to create a safer online environment, other browsers may follow their example.

As your network security needs increase, if you don’t take action to protect your website, changes like this can have a negative impact on your business.

Whether buying or registering an email list, users are not only less confident in doing business with unsafe websites, but Google also places websites that encrypt data on top of search engine results pages. This means that unsafe sites will appear at the bottom, which can affect the number of site visits from the search.

Let’s see what you should do to ensure that your website traffic is protected from the adverse effects of Google’s changes.

What Does Google’s Update Mean For Business?

Once Google’s updated web browser, Chrome 68, is released in July, users will know if the website they visit has encrypted traffic from the “unsafe” message in the URL, as shown below.

If customers see an “unsafe” warning, they are more likely to avoid entering any information on your site, such as purchasing or registering your email list. Another mark is HTTPS at the beginning of the URL with data encryption, not HTTP for unsecured websites. The URL of a website that uses SSL to protect traffic will be similar to the URL of “”.

Once Google changes their browser, customers are less likely to find your site. If your site is still insecure, Google will lower your site’s ranking on the search results page and affect your traffic and revenue.

Secure Your Website With An SSL Certificate

The SSL certificate represents the Secure Sockets Layer, which by definition is a standard security technology for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser. A web server is a connection used by a company or business to display its website online, while a web browser is used by a customer to connect to a web page on their mobile phone or computer.

In short, web servers and web browsers act as a team to connect a customer’s computer to your company’s website. SSL certificates make it harder for people with bad intentions to interfere with the information passed between the browser and the server. This means that your customers can be confident that any personal information they provide is securely delivered and that the information they receive from the website will not be tampered with.

Why Is Encryption Important?

If there is no SSL certificate to encrypt the data passed between the business and the customer, both parties may be at risk. Because smaller companies can’t have a complete team working on website security, they are more vulnerable to bad guys.

A simple SSL certificate can help protect your business in the following ways:

Verification – Verify that the customer is talking to your server, not someone pretending to be you.

Maintain data integrity – Prevent unscrupulous people from modifying the communication between the client computer and the server, and even insert unwanted content into blog posts.

Encrypting data – letting data pass between you and your customers, so that the same bad person can’t create a profile about you or your customers.

Increase SEO rankings – Google has begun to slightly increase the ranking of sites that use SSL certificates.

What An SSL Certificate Can’t Do:

  • Detect and remove malware
  • Detect and remove website security vulnerabilities
  • Manage search engine rankings and reputation
  • Provide web application firewall
  • Protect websites from DDos attacks
  • Encrypt website traffic now, making the Internet a safer place

Encrypting the Internet is a safer Internet for everyone. This helps keep the free flow of ideas on the Internet, but it also helps to increase customer trust to grow your business.

To help your business and customers, WebLogicks India offers free basic SSL to help customers keep their business growing. If you are a WebLogicks customer, check out the inbox for more details on how to achieve this for your account. Learn more about how WebLogicks can help you with your business and security needs.

Ensure The Safety Of Customers And Businesses

It is a blessing to know that the business you are talking about online is true rather than impersonating. Knowing your own safety also has a guarantee. SSL certificates help ensure the security of data transfer between customers and businesses. After Google released the Chrome 68 in July, encrypted sites will become more important.

Make sure your customers can trust your business, feel free to sign up for your email list, and shop online. This also marks your company’s concern for safety and caring for customers.


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